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  • 07.29.15

PopUp Mural Tour Part 3: Virgin’s Seed

Next up on the ‪#PopUpMuralTour‬ is Virgin’s Seed. This one is obviously religious, but we had a difficult time deciphering all of the symbols, so we looked it up online. Here’s what we found:

“A contemporary tribute to a traditional Mexican icon, the Virgin of Guadalupe. Two giants surround the Virgin. The blue giant represents the future. His color in part reflects the artist’s concern over the effects of pollution and other environmental crises. The other giant is a woman. She is a teacher, modeled after the artist’s sister, and holds gifts of knowledge in her hand. The artist, Paul Botello, grew up in this neighborhood, and his family attends the church that sponsored the mural, (Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.)”

We’re traveling all over the city to play music alongside murals that tell the story of LA, its people, struggles, and triumphs. Visual Art teacher Ms. Mernick of Gertz-Ressler high school has joined us to help us decode the images, themes, and messages within the art.


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