The Harmony Project uses music to engage youth in underserved communities. We provide a year-round, intensive music program. At Harmony Project, students get the resources they need to excel in music, in school, and beyond. 

AT HARMONY PROJECT, Professional teaching artists challenge and support each child, inspiring students to reach their goals. We give each student a musical instrument and instruct them in its care and maintenance. Harmony Project students at every skill level enroll in an ensemble where they learn to collaborate with one another and to play together as a group.

PEER MENTORING/STUDENT LEADERSHIP. Advanced students are taught leadership skills and serve as peer mentors, providing lessons and guidance to younger students. This innovative program develops workforce skills, builds intergenerational bonds, and strengthens the entire community.



"There has never been any greater joy than picking up an instrument and playing for a better cause in this world."

—Gianni, Harmony Project 2017 Senior