Executive Director

Myka has overseen Harmony Project expand from 250 to over 3,000 students since joining as Executive Director in 2007. Under her direction, Harmony Project was awarded the Coming Up Taller Award from the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, and launched new initiatives and partnerships with the Los Angeles PhilharmonicLos Angeles City College, and P.S. Arts. She is both a musician and executive.



Natalie Jackson

Associate Director

Natalie has expertise in operations, accounting, planning, and extensive knowledge of both cash and accrual accounting systems. She has been responsible for multi-fund budgets ranging from $5 to $35 million.

Natalie joined Harmony Project in 2010. She is from Southern California and was introduced to the viola at a young age.

Paloma Ramos

Program Director

Paloma has formed a musical career in both performance and social justice. She began mentoring in public schools in 2006 and soon became Education Associate. In 2008, she joined the staff of Harmony Project.

Paloma has toured as a violinist with bands including Gnarls Barkley, has recorded with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and can be heard on several film soundtracks.

Maya Barrera

Senior Development Director

Stephany Fernandez

Executive Assistant

Rachel Schlesinger

Program Manager

Caitlin Hughes

Scholarship & Alumni Manager

Julia Aguilar Jerez

Program Manager

Jessica Catalan

Program Coordinator

Taylor Fulton

Program Assistant

Jose Meza

Program Coordinator

Mark Teshirogi

Development Associate

Martin Pettis

Director of Community & Relational Engagement

Michael Manzo

Community Liaison

Scott O’Gara

Data Manager

David Perryman

Instrument Manager

Olivia Pittel

Senior Program Manager

Rebecca Rivera

Program Manager

Berny Lopez

Program Assistant

Cynthia Rodríguez

Program Manager

Ashley Ruiz

Program Manager

Andy Bill

Program Manager

Angie Uriu

Program Manager

Rosalind Darbeau

Program Assistant

Hugo Villanueva

Program Coordinator

Clarence Walker

Site Coordinator

Larry Godsey

Music Librarian