Policies & Contracts

All Harmony Project students and families must agree to our most recent policies before the start of each program year. Carefully review each policy in your preferred language. Then, scroll down to print and sign the Policy and Contract Agreement.

calendar p-r-01.png

attendance policy

Política de Asistencia

ENG | ESP | 한글

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Code of Conduct

Código de Conducta

ENG | ESP | 한글

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Instrument care

Cuidado del Instrumento

ENG | ESP | 한글

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Participation Release and Consent

Participación, Comunicado de prensa, and Consentimiento

ENG | ESP | 한글

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Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Policy

Política de Dejar y Recoger Estudiantes

ENG | ESP | 한글


If you agree to these terms of participation, print and sign the Policy and Contract Agreement in your preferred language using the download links below. You may submit the form to your site’s Program Manager, or to Harmony Project’s Wilshire offices. For help completing the form, contact us.