Tough issues, STRONG SOLUTIONS at 10th Annual Mentorship Retreat

Starting the New Year strong, Harmony Project’s student mentors recently convened at our Hollywood site for a productive, full-day Mentorship Retreat. 50 mentors representing HP program sites across Los Angeles spent the day discussing the state of their communities, presenting their mentorship best practices, and sharing aspirations for the coming year.

HP mentors from various neighborhoods across Los Angeles generating solutions

Some things to look forward to: a Harmony Project student-produced newsletter, community mental health workshops, and more adult classes

Since the program’s launch by CEO Myka Miller in 2009, Harmony Project’s mentors have gone above and beyond their duties as teaching assistants to younger students and have used their platform to both amplify and respond to problems they see in their communities. During this year’s retreat, mentors expanded on this by generating solutions to those problems to be implemented across all program sites, and we’re super excited to see these ideas put into action throughout the year!

Mentors - you’re brilliant! We’re with you every step of the way to accomplish your goals!

Are you a current Harmony Project student interested in becoming a mentor? Contact your site’s Program Manager to get involved!