#GiveMusicChangeLives: Newport Festivals Foundation announces $5K donation to Harmony Project on behalf of Lucius

#GiveMusicChangeLives: This week, we are celebrating the gift of music thanks to an impassioned donation on behalf of indie rock band Lucius! Thank you Newport Festivals Foundation for supporting our Leimert Park choir and vocal performance programming!

To celebrate the donation, the Newport Folk Festival released a video of Lucius and new Newport Folk Festival Board of Advisors member Brandi Carlile performing “Dusty Trails” at the 2018 festival.

Lucius also shared some words on their motive to contribute to Harmony Project:

“In our childhood communities, we experienced a lack of emphasis on creativity and arts - be it a lack of funding or just the attention and support necessary to nurture artistic development. On the flip side, we’ve also experienced the relief of knowing what it’s like to find a community who understands the importance of expression. It’s very clear that music education also promotes team building, communication, joy, focus etc.. Having somewhere to let yourself go, and to feel heard as an adolescent is of indescribable value. We are happy and honored to contribute to this mission.”
— Lucius

Read the full press release on the Newport Folk Festival blog.