Jackson State University welcomes Harmony Project's Leimert Park Funk Orchestra after months of fundraising

It’s been a busy summer for Harmony Project’s Leimert Park Funk Orchestra, but after months of fundraising, performances, and outreach their efforts have finally paid off. The group of 20 students led by teaching artist and Jackson State University (JSU) alum Mara Hall have raised $10,000 to travel to JSU’s annual high school/community college day.

Check out the full coverage of their time at JSU via the Jackson State Newsroom!

The Funk Orchestra also documented their trip with a Harmony Project Instagram takeover.

Mara was also recently recognized for her Excellence in Teaching and Service at Harmony Project’s Teaching Artist Appreciation & Awards Luncheon. Leimert Park also received the title of Most Outstanding Site.

Congratulations to the Leimert Park Funk Orchestra on your successful fundraising - your perseverance is truly inspiring!

photo courtesy of    Jackson State Newsroom

photo courtesy of Jackson State Newsroom