Alumni in action: The transfer experience with Edwin Santiago

It’s National Transfer Student Week! Many people only picture high school students when thinking about college admissions, but transferring colleges is far more common than you might expect. Check out HP Alum Edwin Santiago’s experience with transferring from Santa Monica College to the University of California, Santa Barbara:


Edwin Santiago

HP SITE: Hollywood, Class of 2015


I had a great transfer experience. Going to a Santa Monica College was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. City college prepared me for the university experience at my pace and I wasn’t forced to change environments drastically, but ease into it.

My favorite part of going to SMC is that I had professors teaching my classes who also taught at schools like UCLA and LMU. I had these amazing professors preparing me for the UC system without having me feel overwhelmed or nervous. I took 3 upper division courses over the summer at UCSB so that I could get a feel for the quick paced classes and that was also a great decision, because now that Fall quarter has begun, I feel very sure of my priorities and course load management. I feel ready to take on the challenges of the UC system.