“I Am An Artist. I Am A Leader. I Am College Bound.”

We all have our own influences and identities – we are parents, we are students, we are teachers, and we are members of a community. We’re unique individuals, but we all share a common commitment to our children.

Harmony Project students also have complex identities, yet they share a common goal as well. Our students wish to create better lives for themselves and their communities by working together on creative projects, by making their education a priority, by enacting positive change in their environments through leadership, creativity, and empathy.

Their journey begins with music. Music teaches kids that with focus and perseverance, they can tackle difficult problems (Have you learned to play an instrument? It’s tough!). Music teaches children that their creative ideas matter and that together they can create beautiful things. With the support and guidance of caring adults and role models, we’re confident they will succeed in music and in their future career.

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