Darion, age 15: ”Music is the essential gateway through the traditional barriers of thought”

Darion’s philosophy of music and mindfulness is wise beyond his 15 years. He describes the piano as “a utopia in which all control is yours and your mind is the limit to what can be done.”

His grandmother plays the piano as well, and they often often play songs together and have great conversations on the complexity of the piano and music in general. His advice to new musicians is that “perfection comes with practice, and practice can only come with patience.”

Darion knows how to attend to both the technical and the mental side of music — “before concerts I stop for a moment and put myself in a serene mindstate to really make sure when i am performing I am affecting the audience as much as I can.”

He’s serious about his craft and is confident in his future. “My favorite thing about Harmony Project is that it’s a body of musical geniuses in the making. Harmony Project is the place to be if you are looking to live and grow in the world of music.”

We’re spotlighting children as they grow up in Harmony Project, from age 6 through high school graduation, as a special ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬ feature.

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